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Of course I had to try out a new taco place during my recent trip back to LA. Leo’s Taco Truck was rated one of Los Angeles’ best taco trucks according to LAWeekly, and true enough, it did not disappoint. We got there at around 8PM and we couldn’t find the truck at first. There was only a plain white truck, but as we got closer, a logo on the front assured us we were at the right place.


I didn’t believe it at first, but the tacos are only a dollar and they don’t skimp either! Each tortilla was topped with a generous helping of meat. They’re famous for their al pastor, and Leo’s includes little bits of pineapple that were grilled with it, lending a bit of sweetness to the savory marinated pork. I topped my al pastor and carne asada tacos with all three of their salsas (the red, the green, and the guacamole sauce), and about 2 minutes later I was very glad I had also bought a bottle of Jarritos too. Any place that has salsas hot enough to make my eyes water like that is amazing in my book.

Another great thing I liked about this place was that their tacos weren’t greasy at all, which is difficult to do, especially with al pastor. Even as I ate the tacos, there was no residual fat or oil at all, which does make me feel slightly better about devouring 5 giant tacos.

My boyfriend's al pastor and carne asada tacos (because all the salsas I put on mine made a mess of it)

My boyfriend’s al pastor and carne asada tacos (because all the toppings I put on mine made a mess of it)

Leo’s Taco Truck
5879 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019