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Nestled into a tiny corner that used to be Burger King in the Serramonte Mall in Daly City is now a little shop counter full of macarons. I happened upon this hidden gem as I was trying to kill some time while waiting for my car’s maintenance to finish.

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The macaron craze has been going on for some time now, but I never really got into it. Until now: they had macaron ice cream sandwiches!

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a giant macaron cookie, and ordered a mocha almond fudge ice cream sandwich.

Mocha almond fudge macaron ice cream sandwich

Mocha almond fudge macaron ice cream sandwich

The ice cream sandwich definitely satisfied my sweet tooth for the day. The macaron cookies were chewy and sweet, with a hint of caramel flavoring. I loved the crunch of the almonds in the ice cream and the slight coffee flavor in the ice cream. I don’t suppose it would’ve been too forward of me to ask for another giant macaron cookie, right? Ice cream is good anytime, but the giant macarons were amazing!


Oui Oui! Macaron
345 Serramonte Ctr
Daly City, CA 94105